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Attending ISNA Convention

(Here is an example of an experience I recently had. Please share your own experiences in the “leave a comment” link below.)

On Sat., 9/5, I headed from Boston to the annual ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) in Chicago, to start promoting this blog. I was somewhat nervous about attending this conference as a Jewish man, and about how my introducing P.A.I.R. to others would be received. I felt I was given a Divine gift of reassurance when it turned out that the woman sitting next to me on the plane was a lovely young Muslim woman who was born in Pakistan, grew up in Minnesota and now lived outside Boston. She shared with me about the mosque she and her family belonged to in a neighboring town, that she was on her way to visit a childhood friend from her Minnesota days, and we talked about various topics of Muslim – non-Muslim relations. She offered support of this P.A.I.R. project, helping me feel I was getting off to a great start.

At the ISNA convention I was so heartened by the positive response I received from the people I spoke with who were staffing the roughly 500 booths at the Convention’s bazaar. So many said this was a great idea. Many even invited me to put a stack of cards out on their table to help spread the word. The energy throughout the Convention was joyful and uplifting. 

I so look forward to the entries the people I met at the Convention, and people they share about P.A.I.R. with, will be making on this site, and yours.


Rev. Joel Grossman, Site Administrator